Sajjad Hossain

Web Designer

Sajjad Hossain


2017 - Present

Khokon Fruits

Senior Web Developer.

2020 - Present

Bioflock Bangladesh

Web Developer and senior graphic designer.

About Me

Hi! I’m Sajjad and I build web pages and web applications.  I also do graphic design (UI & UX, Graphic content, brand awareness designs ) for various projects. I keep my brain on learning new things and test new tech. I love building web. I also do digital marketing for some agencies & individuals/ influencers.



UI & UX Course

2018 - 2021

Web Development Course


WordPress 82%
Adobe XD 50%
Illustrator 58%
Photoshop 51%
Html & CSS 85%
Bootstrap 85%


Sajjad Hossain

(880) 182260 2981
[email protected]